(January 2022) Paying tax on pennies now to have tax free DOLLARS in retirement…. Make the sacrifice it’s worth it.

I’m looking at 2021 S&P 500 return at 28.68% and thinking about the year-end statement folks will open this month.  Did your account grow more taxable?  Or is it growing TAX FREE?

(S&P 500 is a collection of 500 leading publicly traded stocks)


Regardless if your account is taxable in retirement or tax free, your savings habits NOW are most important.

Did you get a raise?                    Increase your 401k contributions.

Did you get a bonus?                  Max out your ROTH IRA

Do you get monthly Child Tax Credit payments?                    Save for your kids’ college in 529 plans

I often get asked about “What are hot stock picks” or “Can you put a stock portfolio together for me”

We answer, well yes…. But using Mutual Funds and ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) will diversify and bring value.


What?  Mutual Funds?


Money managers who have years of experience!  These mutual fund companies spend millions on technology and research.  They read company board notes and annual reports, watch spending trends and profit!  We trust these money managers to buy and sell stocks within mutual funds to bring the most value to shareholders.  They bring tax efficiency, diversification, and build portfolios to match your risk tolerance and time horizon.  Shareholders are YOU.

Our due diligence is learning from them.  Offering suggestions for products and services to bring more value to customers.  We’ll watch costs and value, of course performance, and most importantly customer service.


Don’t make financial mistakes by learning from your friend who has a stock portfolio on a phone app bragging about returns.  BRAG about your returns!  Chances are you OWN some of the SAME stock they are purchasing.

Get to know your statements.  As you open them, look further into the pages and look at share prices and purchases.  Your number of shares keep getting higher, they never go lower.  (unless you sell)

If we have market fluctuations, remember how you are buying consistently, during low and high times.

All successful retirees did this!


Of course, check your beneficiaries- they are usually listed on the last page.

And touch base with your financial advisor.  We can teach you how to log into your account.  Read your statement.  Talk through your risk tolerance and time horizon.

You are a GREAT investor! Keep up your monthly habits.

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