Did you already forget the March 2020 Stock Market Crash?  I know you remember binge watching the Tiger King…and with that said most people remember bad markets for years.  Even though your year-end statement from 2020 is one of the best statements you have ever received, you still remember the March Coronavirus market crash.


Will we crash again?  YES!


Every S&P 500 downturn of 15% or more since the 1930’s has been followed by a recovery. *

Although recoveries are not guaranteed, taking your money out or moving it to a conservative holding during a decline and if you don’t get back in at the right time, you’ll miss the benefit of a market recovery.


I’m age 53.  If big market cycles happen every 7-10 years, I might only have one or two left.  This is when we build wealth!  Monthly consistent buying when the market wallow’s in the dumps.  Get excited for a market correction if you are adding to something monthly and have 3-5 or more years to invest!


If you don’t have this time, then NOW (while the market is high) is the time to make adjustments.


I started in the business two years before the 2001 Stock Market crash.  It lasted 24 months.

Most of us remember the 2008 stock market crash, this one lasted 13 months.

The March Coronavirus crash in 2020 lasted 4 months!  It triggered the most rapid global crash in financial history.


Reasons to feel cautious for 2021:

COVID-19:  New strains and struggles with government helping us to re-open.

Unemployment:  these numbers could soar

Inflation:  the stimulus checks come with a cost.


Reasons to feel Optimistic:


Commerce coming back – do you have a vacation planned?

Low Interest rates.  Federal Reserve promises to keep rates low and help money flowing.


The best advice:

Refuse to panic

Follow your proven plan – monthly habits make smart investors

Remain calm and be the expert for others around you.  (Don’t be the one creating panic!)


You got this good investor!

I’m proud of you.



*”A Guide to Market Fluctuations” Capital Group American Funds


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