We are watching stock market come backs, and it reminds me of a statement I just read, “We can stay down or Rebound!”

Is the stock market coming back too fast?  Is something in the shadows we should watch for?

We won’t predict the stock market, however you can gain confidence in understanding your investing behavior.

Did you panic two months ago?

Our team here at Ohnward Wealth and Retirement fielded many phone calls.  We also reached out to you as best we could.

We talked through the down turn, and we are so proud of you because most stayed the course.  Good job!

Now is the time to remind you of those feelings, because if you need to make a change in time horizon or risk tolerance, now is the time.

Talk to your financial mentor, share your budget with your household.

Know where you money is going.

Commit to monthly habits of getting out of debt or savings.

We are so proud of you for staying the course.  You built WEALTH with your monthly habits.

Good job investor!  We are honored to help you on this savings journey.


-Your team from Ohnward Wealth and Retirement


Kerry Schepers, ChFC, LUTCF
Chartered Financial Consultant/SmartVestor Pro with Dave Ramsey Solutions