-by Kerry Schepers, ChFC (Chartered Financial Consultant)

By now you should have opened your retirement year end statements.  If you only have a 401K, and your statements are electronic, NOW IS THE TIME to figure out how to log in and look at it.

As you review your statement, look past the first page.  Find the page showing your monthly consistent contributions.  And look at the share price.




Look at the share prices when you were buying in March, April and May.

Then look at the share price in December.

You are an investing genius!  No one loses money during a market decline unless you move your money.  Either by cashing it out or moving it to conservative holdings after the market has declined.

Market downturns happen frequently but don’t last forever.  Our last correction in March of 2020 had a historic turn around, lasting only four months!

Stay the course.  Be the calm for those around you.  Don’t expect quick market finds, meaning invest for long term in quality investments, like mutual funds.  Work with someone who will teach you.  If you need to make adjustments, do it when the market is high.

You’ve got this good investor!