Has an insurance agent recently cold called you in person?

Are they driving up the lane and knocking on your door?

This is not normal.

If you believe this visit is warranted, please invite someone from your family to sit in on the conversation.  If this is not an option, ask them to come back when you can find another person you trust to join the visit.  Ask for a brochure and kindly ask them to leave.   If they are persistent and are referencing old insurance, you “might own” ask for them to call you.

If you cannot find a family member to help, your banking and financial professionals will help.  Ask the visitors to meet you at your local bank or financial office with someone you trust and can be a trusted second set of ears.

Do not navigate these visits alone.  There is fraud.  If it does not feel right, trust yourself and say NO.  Then call 1800 customer service numbers and do the research.  Ask for help.  There are many MORE professional insurance agents doing the right thing.  Find one, ask for help, do not sign anything alone.


-a message from Ohnward Wealth and Retirement, Kerry Schepers, ChFC, LUTCF